Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019

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A message to students regarding cleanup efforts around OHIO’s Graffiti Walls

Later this month, Ohio University will be embarking on a major cleanup effort to remove graffiti and paint overspray from the sidewalk and the textured vertical surfaces surrounding our Graffiti Walls. The actual Graffiti Walls will not be cleaned nor affected by this project; however, access to the walls may be limited for a short time in order to expedite the project. 

As this work gets underway, Ohio University wants to remind you about the parameters of our Graffiti Walls and ask for your support as you carry this beloved student tradition forward. Ohio University defines the Graffiti Walls as ONLY the three flat vertical surfaces in the retaining wall behind Bentley Hall. Please make your best effort to contain paint to these surfaces when posting messages on the Graffiti Walls. 

Thank you for your understanding and help as we work to preserve the beauty of Ohio University while protecting this beloved University tradition! Questions about the project or its timeline may be directed to our Facilities Management Work Center at (740) 593-2911.