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Pictured (from left) are Arthur Beem, Adam Riehl and Douglas Hood.

Pictured (from left) are Arthur Beem, Adam Riehl and Douglas Hood.

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AEP Ohio presents Ohio University Southern with $25,000 for efficiency project

IRONTON, Ohio – American Electric Power (AEP) Ohio met with officials at Ohio University Southern on Monday, June 13, to present the campus with a $25,000 energy incentive check for recently completed improvements. 

This, the third capital improvement project of six planned that will focus on energy efficiency at Ohio University Southern facilities, recognized the installation of a new HVAC heating and cooling system in the Collins and Riffe buildings in Ironton. 

According to Adam Riehl, director of facilities management for the Southern Campus, the new HVAC system, installed late in 2015 and early 2016, will save the University approximately 15 percent each year in combined electric and natural gas operating costs for these two buildings. 

“In this case, we were looking at replacing the HVAC system because of its age,” Riehl said. “Therefore, we decided this was a good time to also focus on efficiency, too. Our campus has made energy conservation a key priority for all of our new capital improvement projects.” 

AEP Ohio Energy Advisor Douglas Hood educates companies and organizations about efficiency options and potential costs savings and rebates – a crucial role for companies planning to spend large sums of money to update operational equipment. 

Hood said, “I promote the program and guide businesses planning improvements through our process. I also advise them about the best direction to go for their needs.”