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UHR announces sick leave donation pilot program will end on June 30, 2016

In July 2014, Ohio University Human Resources (UHR) in collaboration with the Administrative and Classified Senates unveiled a sick leave donation pilot program. However, the University recently received an Ohio Attorney General legal opinion stating that sick leave donation programs at public colleges and universities are not authorized by the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). To comply with the ORC, the sick leave donation pilot program will end effective June 30, 2016.

Employees currently on leave who were provided sick leave donations while the pilot program was in effect will be able to use the donations granted even if the donated time is for absences that occur after June 30. Employees not currently on leave but who meet the eligibility requirements and have a need for sick leave donations will be provided donated time through June 30. Employees who go out on leave prior to June 30 but who will not be able to use all donated time by June 30 will not be provided donated sick leave after that date. Specific questions regarding individual situations should be directed to the employee’s planning unit HR liaison or uhr@ohio.edu. 

Under the pilot program, sick leave donations could be directed to a specific employee or given to the sick leave pool. Unused time donated to a specific employee will be returned to the donor. The balance remaining in the sick leave pool will be returned to the donor on a prorated basis. Returned donations will be reflected in employees’ sick leave balances by August 31. 

Under the ORC, public colleges and universities have other options to provide employees with extended sick leave benefits. To learn more about extended sick leave options for Ohio University employees, contact your planning unit’s HR liaison