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Absence Management enhancement: planned absence requests can now cross the fiscal year in My Personal Information

As announced in March, all salaried employees paid on a semi-monthly basis must perform absence management in My Personal Information (MPI). An enhancement has been made within Absence Management to allow planned absences to cross the fiscal year and to project future accrual balances across the fiscal year with the following assumptions:

  • Requests for the next fiscal year cannot be submitted until January 31.
    • EXAMPLE: A planned request for July 1, 2017 cannot be entered until January 31, 2017.
  • Requests cannot span across two fiscal years.
    • EXAMPLE: If an employee is requesting to take June 27 – July 2, the employee must enter two requests; one request for June 27 – June 30 and another request for July 1 – July 2.
  • As personal leave is awarded to qualifying employees on July 1 of each fiscal year, planned absence requests for personal leave cannot be entered until the start of the fiscal year in which they are awarded.

As there have been a number of questions regarding “Work In Progress” requests, the Employee Service center would like to remind employees that instructions for handling “Work In Progress” requests are detailed in Absence Management. Contact the Employee Service center for help removing these requests.

A variety of training materials are available for reference. Training videos, an Employee Quick Start Guide and user manuals are available on the Absence Management Web Page. The Employee Training Video shows how to view PTO accrual balances, query for projected accrual balances when planning for future time off, submit absence requests, view absence history and the automated routing of electronic absence requests. The Manager Training Video demonstrates how to take action on employees' requests.

Impacted employees will receive the above communication via email by May 27, 2016. 

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact the Employee Service Center at uhr@ohio.edu or 740.593.1636.