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Healthy OHIO program celebrates seven years with Fitbit giveaway

Ohio University’s WellWorks is celebrating 7 years of the popular Healthy OHIO screening program again this year, and will reward participants with a Fitbit device to track their activity and wellness.

Kim Valentour, director at WellWorks, says the idea came about from a pilot group that used the devices last year as part of a walking challenge. The group of Human Resources employees reported success using the Fitbits to track their activity levels and general wellness in conjunction with a program designed to increase exercise.

A Fitbit can track steps taken, calories burned, stairs climbed, and hours slept, as well as sleep quality. The data from the Fitbit can be viewed through an app on a smart phone or by using a computer, which can sync to the Fitbit wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection.

Participants who complete the three steps of the Healthy OHIO program (see sidebar) will be eligible to receive a Fitbit Zip for free. Two additional Fitbit models (the One and the Flex) will be available at a discounted rate to participants. Anyone who receives a Fitbit through Healthy OHIO will also gain access to the Fitbit online portal designed specifically for OHIO employees. The portal allows for people to connect in a social networking setting and share experiences and tips for motivation. No personal health information is shared.

Healthy OHIO is a partnership between WellWorks and Ohio University Human Resources. The program is open to all benefit-eligible OHIO employees and their spouses or partners. Dependents and retirees are not eligible to participate. Participants who complete the three steps of Healthy OHIO receive a $120 reduction in their OHIO health care insurance premium. In addition to the monetary benefits, Valentour says the program gives employees a chance to review their health status and creates a culture of wellness at the University.

Last year, approximately 1,200 people completed the Healthy OHIO program. Valentour says she anticipates participation levels for this upcoming seventh Healthy OHIO to top previous years.

The 2014 Healthy OHIO program is scheduled to begin Sept. 9 with the first screening appointments. The program is typically offered through November. For more information, visit ohio.edu/wellworks.

The Healthy OHIO program consists of three steps. In order to qualify for the reduction in health care insurance premiums and to qualify for a Fitbit device, participants must complete all three steps. These steps include:

Step 1 - Health Screening

Health screenings may be completed at one of our campus screenings or by your health care provider. The campus screenings are free of charge. These screenings are for general indicators for health -- they are not diagnostic tests. The following values will be collected at the health screenings: Frame size, Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, High & Low Density Lipoprotein (HDL & LDL), Blood Glucose (blood sugar), Waist Girth, Hip Girth, Body Fat Percentage, HbA1c (for individuals with diabetes).

Step 2 - Personal Wellness Profile

After you complete the health screening and receive your results, you can complete the online Personal Wellness Profile (PWP). The PWP is a survey containing items about medical history and health habits. Topics include: General Health, Physical Activity, Nutrition, Stress & Well-Being, Driving & Safety, Sleep, Tobacco & Alcohol, Mental Health, Lifestyle Changes, and Health Interests. The profile should take less than 30 minutes to complete. Paper profiles are available upon request.

When you complete your PWP online, you will receive results instantly. You will need to print a copy of your report to bring to your health coaching session. Consider sharing your results with your health care provider and keeping a copy for your records as well.

Step 3 - Individual Health Coaching

Follow-up coaching sessions will be held at WellWorks located in E124 Grover Center. The purpose of the individual coaching is to help you better understand your results and provide you with health information and resources available to assist you with your next step. Please bring a copy of your Personal Wellness Profile Report with you to your health coaching session.

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