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Ohio University faculty and staff can purchase a meal plan for the upcoming school year.

Faculty, staff meal plan options now available for 2014-2015

Ohio University faculty and staff can purchase a meal plan for the upcoming school year. Now in its fourth year of availability, these options are tailored to the needs of faculty and staff and provide additional flexibility in daily food choices.

Meal plans can be purchased in blocks of 10 or 20 meals and can be used in any campus dining court/hall or Grab N Go location. The third option — the Culinary Passport Plan — allows faculty and staff to not only utilize their meal plan within all Dining Courts/Halls and Grab N Go’s, but each of Culinary Services’ cafés and retail venues, including West 82 Food Court and Latitude 39 Casual Dining Restaurant, as well.

Plans are valid the entire school year, meaning there’s no pressure to utilize them on a weekly or monthly basis. Choosing a meal plan is as simple as enrolling or renewing online by visiting www.ohio.edu/food/plans/employee.cfm.

According to OHIO Culinary Services Assistant Director of Auxiliary Sales Dan Pittman, the most popular option is the Connect 20 Meal Plan, followed by the Culinary Passport, which provides $150 in Flex Points points for $135 — a discount of 10 percent. Each Flex Point equals one dollar.

“Our faculty and staff meal plans were designed to help increase interaction between students and faculty outside of the classroom,” Pittman explained. “Research has shown that a faculty member who shares meals with their students often results in students learning more, becoming more engaged in the classroom and more likely to excel in their scholarly endeavors.”

Meal plans also enable faculty and staff to collaborate with colleagues and enjoy a variety of food options within walking distance from work, he added.  

For more information about faculty and staff meal plans, or to purchase a plan, visit www.ohio.edu/food/plans/employee.cfm.