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New storage service offered this fall

A new free online storage service offered to students, faculty and staff this year is designed to be a collaboration tool for class projects that reduces the reliance on external hardware devices and paid storage services.

Box, available at box.ohio.edu, contains 50 GB of storage space for each member of the campus community who has an OHIO ID, and can store multiple file types ranging from PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, music files, photos and more. So far more than 2,300 people have signed up for the free service.

“It’s tied into the OHIO infrastructure so it makes it easy to collaborate with other students or professors because everybody has it,” said Sean O’Malley, information technology communications manager. “We recognize this kind of storage is becoming very important to people and we are seeing a lot of individuals and departments setting up similar file storage accounts. This one is completely free.”

If six people work on a presentation for class, for example, they can share one PowerPoint presentation with each other and edit the project as needed. Box keeps track of old versions, so the group can review the project and remove a step as needed. Box also shows who the owner of the file is, who viewed it, and who made changes. Once uploaded, a link to the file can be shared with anyone by email.

Box also has apps that allows the service to synch up with devices like phones, tablets, and personal computers, to allow easier access.

Problem connecting to Wifi on campus?

Users of Mac OS laptops on campus might experience Wifi disconnection when walking around buildings. “There’s a bug in Mac OS that makes devices disconnect from wireless when users walk from one access point to another,” said O’Malley. “Fortunately, it’s fixable with a few setting changes.”

For those who experience disconnection and have a Mac OS, visit www.ohio.edu/oit/news/mac-wifi-setup-tips.cfm and www.ohio.edu/oit/news/workaround-for-osx-wifi-bug.cfm to follow the instructions and eliminate the problem.

Game systems not working?

Game consoles brought to campus must be hard wired unless the console has a web browser that allows the user to login to OHIO’s Internet. Those who experience problems connecting their game console online should visit www.ohio.edu/oit/netreg/register.cfm#entertainment.

Catmail campus email

New residents to campus should make sure their Catmail campus email is working properly since it’s the major email address that most students use during their time at OHIO. For more information, visit www.ohio.edu/email and https://catmail.ohio.edu/.

Qualtrics survey service

One additional tool students, faculty, and staff may find useful is Qualtrics, an online survey service similar to Survey Monkey that is free to anyone at OHIO. “The service can be used for opinion surveys or to receive RSVP’s for an event,” said O’Malley. “There’s a lot of clever ways to use the system beyond the traditional survey.”

For more information about this service, visit www.ohio.edu/oit/qualtrics.