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An Intentional Tourist - an interview with Frederick Schwartzman

Ohio University’s first foreign-exchange student to post-World War II Germany: Frederick Schwartzman, 1954/1955.

Born in 1934 in New York City, Frederick Schwartzman is a 1956 graduate of Ohio University’s College of Arts & Sciences. In 1954, just nine years after VE Day marking the end of the war in Europe, he became OHIO’s first post-World War II foreign exchange student to Germany, attending the Westfälische-Wilhelms University in Münster during his junior year. He later earned his juris doctorate in 1959 from the Law School of the University of Virginia.

Today, Schwartzman is a lawyer in New York City specializing in international motion picture and television legal matters. His clients have included major European and Japanese private and public television networks, international film and television producers and distributors as well as buyers and sellers of films and television programs, in Italy, Germany, France, Japan and in Latin America. Schwartzman is an arbitrator on the New York City panel of arbitrators maintained by the Independent Film & Television Alliance for resolution of industry disputes.

Click here to read excerpts from a discussion with Schwartzman about his experiences at OHIO and in Germany in 1954/1955

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