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OHIO President launches blog to share insights, reflections

Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis is adding a new skill to his repertoire: blogging. OHIO’s leader launched his new blog, From the President’s Desk, on July 1, which marks his 10th anniversary as the University’s 20th president.

Through the new platform, President McDavis will share insights and personal reflections, as well as sneak peeks into his daily life at OHIO. Dr. McDavis will be the blog’s primary author, although guest contributors will be featured from time to time.

“We will have many important discussions in our University community, but I’m also looking forward to mixing in some fun, light-hearted conversations through this blog. I welcome your readership, your ideas and your support as I take this blog – and my presidency – onward and upward,” said Dr. McDavis.

From the President’s Desk will allow faculty, staff and students a way to connect with the president in a more personal, less formal way. The blog will be updated every two weeks with posts from President McDavis. Readers can expect to see photos, read words of encouragement and experience event highlights from the president’s perspective.