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East Green reopens following allegations of shots fired

Ohio University Police officers are continuing to look into a call claiming a shooting had occurred at Gamertsfelder Hall after initial investigations Tuesday afternoon concluded no shots were fired in the residence hall and there was no on-going threat.

The Brown County, Ohio county office contacted OUPD at 2:55 p.m. to report a call that they had received from an individual who identified himself as John Jackson. He stated in the call that he had just shot his mother and needed help at 58 E. Green Drive in Athens, Ohio. That location is Gamertsfelder Hall. Approximately 200 students are living in Gamertsfelder Hall at this time.

OUPD officers were dispatched to the residence hall and swept the building, allowing students to leave as they cleared each room of the hall. An emergency message was sent at 3:08 p.m. via text message and e-mail alerting the University community of the incident. In addition, the information was posted to the University's Alert page and updates were made at the top of every hour throughout the duration of the incident. University employees fielded phone calls through the Ohio University Incident Response Desk, which also broadcast a message with information about the East Green incident.

Emergency responders with the Athens Police Department, Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Athens County Emergency Medical Services assisted OUPD in the investigation. No one has been identified as the caller at this time.

Police advised Ohio University students, faculty and staff to avoid the East Green residential area as they continued to look into the allegations. At 5:15 p.m., OUPD sent an all clear text message, indicating their investigation had found no evidence of a shooting or on-going threat. East Green of the Athens Campus was then reopened for normal use.

The matter is now under review by the OUPD Criminal Investigations Unit for further investigation.