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Alumni survey project underway

Alumni’s favorite OHIO faculty, staff member treated to free coffee

Ohio University's Office of Institutional Research is conducting an online survey of alumni who graduated during fall 2012 to summer 2013 or earned undergraduate degrees from summer 2007 to spring 2009 in order to gain a better understanding about job placement, average salary, graduate school attendance, satisfaction and more.

Alumni surveys are routinely conducted by mail, but this year Ohio University has moved the surveys online. Those participating have the option of writing a note to their favorite faculty or staff member, which will be printed and delivered along with a coupon for a free cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate at campus vendors.

The incentive has been popular so far, and fall semester will start on a positive note with hundreds of faculty and staff receiving thank you notes from their former students.

Former student Jenny Troutman Dodson submitted a note to Cathleen Waller and Marcy Keifer Kennedy thanking them for their help. "My dreams of teaching comes true each and every day," Dodson wrote. "Ohio University's Teacher Education Program made this dream a reality. Thank you for your continued dedication to future educators."

Dr. Chris Moberg also received a note from former student Jamison Sloan that said, "You were one of the most influential professors I had at OHIO. I appreciate you, the rigor of your classes, and the time you spend with us outside of the classroom. I look forward to reading more alumni updates."

Each year, a career survey is sent to approximately 9,000 alumni one year after graduation. The survey includes all degree types and contains specialized survey items for any academic program.

Twice each year, the Office of Institutional Research conducts an alumni survey, reaching out to approximately 8,000 undergraduate alumni who graduated five to six years ago. The survey includes specialized items for each college. The information received from the surveys is critical for colleges and departments, but also to the University to report on job placement, average salary, graduate school attendance, satisfaction, and more.

To access the survey, visit www.ohio.edu/alumnisurvey through Aug. 31.