The final year of the faculty and staff campaign will be led by the same tri-chairs as the last fiscal year: Kim Hayden, Tom Hodson and Sam Crowl.

Graphic courtesy of: ACM

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With the finish line in sight, goals are set for the final year of the Promise Within Campaign

With the final year of the OHIO faculty and staff’s the Promise Within Campaign under way, those in charge take pride in the success of the program thus far and have set goals for the final six months of the campaign.

The University’s Promise Lives Campaign ends in June 2015, and the Promise Within Campaign, the faculty and staff segment of the Campaign that began in March 2013, will also see its final year of gifts. So far, OHIO faculty and staff have given generously, with 1,614 gifts totaling $6,431,183 since. In the first half of the 2015 fiscal year alone, 465 donors gave up to $118,169.

Assistant Director of Annual Giving Carlyn Runnels, who oversees the Promise Within Campaign, expressed her gratitude to all of the faculty and staff donors, stressing the importance of gifts of all sizes.

“Since the start of the Promise Within Campaign, more than 1,000 gifts of $500 or less have been made,” Runnels said. “The sum total of those gifts adds up to $161,880.”

The final year of the campaign will be led by the same tri-chairs as the last fiscal year: Director and General Manager of WOUB Center for Public Media and the Joe Berman Professor of Communication in the Scripps College Tom Hodson; Trustee Professor of English Emeritus Sam Crowl; and Assistant to the Executive Dean for Regional Higher Education and Assistant to the Vice Provost for eLearning OHIO, Kim Hayden.

Runnels commended the tri-chairs continued support, which began in 2011.

 “The tri-chairs have a unique perspective on faculty and staff giving,” Runnels said. “As we wrap up The Promise Within, I am confident these tri-chairs will lead us through a successful year.”

 Hayden said she thoroughly enjoyed working on the Promise Within Campaign and was happy to continue working on the Campaign for the last year.

“Our main task was to enlighten employees about the importance of philanthropy and to encourage them to support their passion at Ohio University,” said Hayden. “I’ve enjoyed working on this project and am happy to continue my service.”

Runnels said faculty and staff participation in the Campaign is the main goal for the final year of the campaign is.

“Last year, total participation ended around 23 percent,” Runnels said. “I would love to increase our University-wide participation to 25 or even 30 percent.”

Hayden seconded those sentiments, and said the tri-chairs would work toward the same goals.

“I hope that the final year continues to raise awareness among faculty and staff of the importance of giving to Ohio University,” Hayden said. “No matter the amount, you can make a difference in the lives of OHIO students. I believe that continued internal support shows our constituents that those of us who work and live here are committed to the University’s success.”