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Resources available in preparation for tobacco-free campus

As Ohio University moves toward fully implementing its "Smoke and Tobacco-Free Campus" policy on the Athens Campus by fall2015, various important resources will support the transition for University employees, students, visitors, volunteers, patients, and customers.

The transition to a tobacco-free OHIO campus is in accordance with a resolution made by the Ohio Board of Regents and is part of a major wellness initiative meant to protect the health of the University community, as well as to support a green environment and beautiful campus.

The main "Smoke and Tobacco-Free Campus" resource categories under development for the OHIO community include, but are not limited to:

Communication Tools

A smoke/tobacco-free website (coming in January) will feature the most up-to-date information. According to Tobacco-Free Implementation Task Force Chair Judy Piercy, the website will be "a one-stop comprehensive site that clearly explains the policy and provides resources for its users."

Examples of the website’s communication resources will include, but not be limited to:

  • An informative policy brochure
  • A downloadable PowerPoint presentation
  • Promotional and educational flyers and signs

In addition to the smoke/tobacco-free website, open forums will be held on the Athens Campus featuring speakers from the OHIO community. Utilizing social media will also be a central aspect of the policy’s awareness campaign during the coming months.

Compliance Tools

OHIO recognizes that becoming a tobacco-free campus is partly a shift in culture, and that compliance will require and encourage a continuous Bobcat community effort.

To help promote policy compliance, the University will develop resources such as the following:

  • Role play videos available on the website for encouraging compliance in various situations
  • Recorded reminders of the new policy at campus events
  • Sample scripts available on the website for supervisors, faculty, staff, and students on how to appropriately address others who may not be complying with the policy

Cessation Resources

Ohio University is fully committed to assisting smokers and tobacco users if they choose to quit or cease use while on the Athens Campus. Understanding the realities of nicotine/tobacco addiction and the concern about personal rights, there is strong empathy for OHIO community members who smoke or use tobacco products.

In case an individual is interested in quitting tobacco use, cessation resources will include, but not be limited to:

  • Free cessation courses for students offered by the Health Promotion department
  • Cessation support groups
  • Nicotine replacement therapy
  • Customized tobacco cessation programs created through the IMPACT Employee Assistance Program

Anyone wanting messaging examples to share with their units in preparation for the policy can contact the Tobacco-Free Implementation Team through the e-mail address tobaccofree@ohio.edu.

Website coming soon!

The tobacco free website will be going live in the last week of January. Watch for announcements by following the Twitter hashtag #ReadyOHIO and join the conversation.