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Carl Brune to discuss nuclear reactions at Jan. 21 Science Café

Atoms are the building blocks that make up the world around us. These small units of matter are composed of nuclei and electrons, with the nuclei being built from neutrons and protons. But where do the nuclei come from exactly?

Carl R. Brune, professor of physics and astronomy and director of Ohio University's Accelerator Lab, will answer this question during his Science Café discussion titled, "Cosmic Cooking: the Origin of Elements," at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 21, in the Baker University Center Front Room.

Brune, a nuclear physicist by trade, will explain how heavier elements common on Earth actually originated through the supernovae explosions of stars.

"In the lab I combine different nuclei together and measure the results. These reactions relate to what happens inside stars," Brune said.

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