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Time lapse shows a day in the life of Alden Library [VIDEO]

If the walls of Alden Library could talk, chances are good they’d drum up a lot of conversation during finals week. The seven-story building on the Athens Campus sees plenty of activity as students prepare for the semester’s last round of exams, often logging hours into the early morning or even all night.

University Communications and Marketing (UCM) partnered with Ohio University Libraries to offer a glimpse into a day in the life of Alden Library, but since time is precious, the video above has been sped up 400 percent, thanks to the handy work of UCM Video Producer Andie Walla and a well-positioned GoPro camera stationed on the Library’s second floor Learning Commons. Don’t blink – you might miss something as the two days of Alden activity whiz by in about two and a half minutes.

Keep your eyes peeled for special appearances by Bandit the therapy dog and make sure you note just how much coffee the Libraries staff supplies during the traditional “Final Bites” doughnut and caffeine offering. And who knows? Maybe you’ll see a face or two you recognize.