William Dickens

William Dickens graduated in 1962 with a bachelor of science degree in geology.

Photo courtesy of: William Dickens

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Alumnus lends a helping hand to Ohio University Southern undergraduates

Thanks to the generosity of the W.F. Dickens Family Scholarship, an additional opportunity to fund the education of Ohio University Southern Campus students is available to those pursuing an undergraduate degree in the hard sciences or majoring in business or accounting.

William Dickens, an Ironton, Ohio native and 1962 graduate, wanted to help students from his region pursue their dreams of a college education.

"I just wanted to reach out and do what I could to help my hometown," Dickens said.

Dickens is no stranger to giving back to his alma mater. He has given other gifts to the Southern Campus as well as OHIO's Proctorville Center and to the College of Arts and Sciences.

"I think giving back to your alma mater is a very worthy cause," said Dickens. "I believe in education by reaching out and helping people who are trying to help themselves.

Dickens earned his OHIO degree in geology but has enjoyed professional success in business as the founder and owner of Resource Recovery Inc., which he started in 1971.

Dickens was adamant about having his gift named to show his high regard for his family members and to ensure that his wife and daughter, who are both graduates from Ohio University, could be a part of this generous gift.

"All of the income I earned on behalf of my family," Dickens said.

The W.F. Dickens Family Scholarship benefits Ohio University Southern Campus students with financial need who are either majoring in any hard science (first preference) or business or accounting (second preference). Scholarship awards are renewable for students who meet the scholarship criteria.

The W.F Dickens Family Scholarship gift is part of The Promise Lives Campaign, Ohio University's capital campaign which seeks to raise $450 million by June 30, 2015. The Campaign has raised more than $427 million in support of students, faculty, programs, partnerships and select facilities at Ohio University. Learn more at ohio.edu/campaign.