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Allen Student Help Center assists faculty with at-risk students

Maybe the student missed an exam or stopped attending class for no apparent reason but didn't withdraw from your class. Perhaps you sent the student an email to inquire about his/her absence, and didn't get a response.  

Faculty members who are dealing with these types of situations now have a resource to help them, the Allen Student Help Center, which is dedicated to assisting students who are struggling and need either to engage with their course work or withdraw from the class.  

Faculty can visit the Academic Alert System, which can be found on the Allen Student Help Center's web page under "Faculty and Advisor Resources."

After being contacted, the Allen Center staff will:

  • Contact students via phone, email, and/or residence hall staff (when appropriate) and inquire about their academic situation.  
  • Approach students from a caring perspective and, collaborate with university resources to determine the best course of action, and help the student take the appropriate next steps. Those steps might be working with you to get caught up, getting a tutor, or dropping the course.  
  • Send the faculty member and the student's academic advisor a summary of our conversation after the issue is resolved.

The Allen Center staff's efforts are dedicated to increasing the academic success and persistence of the students. After being contacted via the Academic Alert System, the Allen Center staff member will follow up with the students and connect them to assistance that ideally will improve their academic performance.  

Questions or concerns about the Academic Alert Program should be directed at Jenny Klein, assistant dean for student success and persistence.