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Transportation and Parking Services details recent changes to parking on Athens Campus

Transportation and Parking Services would like to welcome faculty and staff back to campus as we start a new academic year. Due to ongoing construction and renovation projects, there are important changes to campus parking.

The following parking lots are closed (454 spaces):

·  Lots 79, 81,and 82 ---South Green Housing Development Project

Former Lots 79, 81, 82


·  Sections of Lot 111 -- Softball and baseball fields area

Lot 111

·  Lot 133 next to Peden Stadium --multipurpose building project

Lot 133

Two parking areas have been opened to offset these closures:

·  The entire area under the Convocation Center is now daily parking for faculty, staff and students. This adds approximately 300 spaces in the West Green area of campus for parking.

Lot 129

·  The entire area under South Green Garage is now daily parking for faculty, staff and students. This adds approximately 200 spaces on the southeastern sector of campus.

South Green Garage

Please note that Lot 133 will reopen in the spring as a dark green faculty/staff-only parking area with approximately 100 spaces. Lot 133 was previously a student commuter lot. Student storage parking has been shifted to the perimeter of campus in expanded Lot 55 adjacent to South Green and on the Ridges.


Lot 55

Transportation and Parking appreciates everyone's patience as the campus community adjusts to these parking changes.

Please call Transportation and Parking Services at 593-1917 with questions.

For real-time updates on campus traffic and parking follow @ohiouparking on Twitter.

View the entire updated campus parking map.