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Visitor parking permits can now be requested online

Parking Services has implemented a new online visitor permit system for the Athens Campus.

Under the new system, University departments requesting parking permits for guests visiting the Athens Campus can make that request through Parking Services' website. After filling out the appropriate information, Parking Services will e-mail the department a link to the requested visitor permit, which department staff may either print out for the visitor or forward to the visitor for them to print out and bring with them to campus.

"It is very similar to what airlines are doing today for boarding passes," Marty Paulins, director of Transportation and Parking Services, said of the new system.

Requests for visitor parking permits may be made for dark green or purple lots or the Baker University Center Garage.

Paulins said Teresa Trussell-Mohler, parking operations supervisor, has been working with a vendor to customize this one-of-a-kind online visitor permit system for the University.

"We're really the only university operating this type of system right now," Paulins said.

To request a visitor parking permit online, visit http://www.facilities.ohiou.edu/parking/ and click on "My Account – Login Here." Select "Departmental Permit Request." Each department will be provided a unique login and password combination to access their departmental account. This will be used to request and obtain permits.  

For more information, call 740-593-1917.

Parking Services posting updates on Twitter

Parking Services has launched a Twitter account – @OhioUParking – designed to keep the OHIO community in the know when it comes to parking on the Athens Campus.

"Twitter is our best way to get information to the public quickly," said Marty Paulins, director of Transportation and Parking Services at OHIO.

Students, faculty, staff and visitors can follow Parking Services on Twitter and keep up to date on the latest road and parking lot closures, parking restrictions for special events and changes in campus parking policies. In addition, Parking Services will post where there are open parking spots on the Athens Campus on days when the campus is hosting special events that affect parking availability.