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Check out the University's latest policy changes

The Ohio University administration has updated multiple policies during the past several months. These are the latest approved policies in the Ohio University Administrative Policy Manual:

Policy 12.020 - Student Records
This policy governs the collection, maintenance, review, and release of student records on the Athens and regional campuses.

Policy 21.001 - Medical Services
This policy promotes the public health of the academic community, and provides for medical care of students.

Policy 24.016 - Use of Outdoor Space on the Athens Campus
This policy provides guidelines for use of outdoor spaces on the Athens Campus and ensures that activities may be held on the campus in a manner that does not disrupt the operations of the university.

Policy 25.030 - Housing Residency Requirement
This policy requires all first- and second-year students who have fewer than six quarters or four semesters attending any institution of higher education after high school graduation (or an equivalent combination, such as three quarters and two semesters) to reside in University-sanctioned housing.

Policy 40.015 - Educational Benefits for Ohio University Employees
This policy provides for participation in the Ohio University Educational Benefits Program by benefits eligible employees who are active, retired, on disability retirement, laid off, or on approved leave.

Policy 40.016 - Educational Benefits for Qualified Dependents
This policy provides for participation in the Ohio University Educational Benefits Program by domestic partners, spouses, and children of benefits eligible employees who are active, on approved leave, retired, on disability retirement, laid-off, or deceased.

Policy 41.000 - Vacation and Winter Closure Break Time for Administrative and Classified Employees
This policy governs vacation leave and winter closure time for all eligible Ohio University classified and administrative employees.