Taijuan Moorman is a sophomore journalism major and Urban Scholar from Columbus.

Taijuan Moorman is a sophomore journalism major and Urban Scholar from Columbus.

Photographer: Sarah Barclay

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Q&A with Taijuan Moorman

Taijuan Moorman is a sophomore journalism major and Urban Scholar from Columbus. During her last two years of high school she attended a program at DeVry University in Columbus, which allowed for her to simultaneously earn her high school degree and an associate’s degree. During the program her focus was on graphic design, which she hopes will aid her in her pursuit of a career in music journalism.

D: Why journalism?
T: I knew the journalism school at Ohio University was one of the top schools in the country. One of the reasons I really wanted to be a journalist is that I really like music; I like talking about music and listening to it. I read a lot of journalism articles about music, and I would always wish I could be in the writer’s place—that’s what made me want to be a journalist.

D: What would your ideal job be?
T: My ideal job would be working at Rolling Stone or Complex Magazine, or maybe even an online-exclusive magazine, just to get that online experience. I really like the feel of online magazines.

D: Was the Urban Scholarship a deciding factor in your decision to come to OHIO?
T: Yeah, it definitely was. Just having that cushion where I wouldn’t have to worry about how I’m going to pay for college, and the program seemed like a good way to transition into college.

D: Have you made some good friends on campus?
T: I’m getting there. I’m really shy; it’s really hard for me. But the Office for Multicultural Student Access and Retention (OMSAR) scholars are really cool, I like them. And the different organizations I’m in have really helped me build friendships.

D: What other organizations are you involved with?
T: Brick City Records, Hip Hop Congress and Speakeasy Magazine. There are a couple others, but those are the ones I think I’m going to continue to go to.

D: So what do you write about with Speakeasy?
T: I write music, culture and pop culture essays. I’m hoping to get more into music writing next semester when I can go see shows.

D: What was it like transitioning from Columbus to Athens?
T: When I first came to Athens it felt really small. I’m from downtown Columbus, where it’s very ethnically diverse, and Athens is a predominantly white city. It is a lot smaller, a lot quieter and I kind of stayed in a lot my first semester. I still belonged to student organizations, but other than that I didn’t really do anything. It’s quaint, it’s personal. Just the whole nature vibe is very green and quiet—I like that part.

D: Do you like OHIO?
T: I do— I’m starting to really love it. I like the diverse people. Just because it’s a predominantly white campus doesn’t mean it’s not going to be diverse in other ways. It’s really diverse— interesting people. Just getting to know everyone has really been good.

D: Why would you recommend Ohio University to other students?
T: It’s smaller and it’s more personal. You kind of get that vibe everywhere from the music scene to classes. I think because it’s so small everyone wants to get to know you more and be more personal with you. For people who are interested in the OMSAR program, I would say they are really nice, really helpful. They want to help you in your four years.