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University reminds faculty, staff to submit leave paperwork by June 30

As the end of the fiscal year approaches, University faculty and staff are reminded to submit all paperwork for leave time used during the year to payroll by June 30. This will ensure that leave balances are appropriately reflected and carried forward into the new fiscal year.

Faculty and administrators

Administrators and faculty are to report all vacation and sick leave usage via the paper paid time off form which is available online at www.ohio.edu/hr/forms.cfm#p. The forms should be submitted in a timely manner to the Payroll Office, so employee accrual information may be reported and managed accurately. 

This is especially important at the end of the fiscal year as payroll prepares to renew vacation, sick leave time, and personal time accruals. The paid time off carryover process for administrators and faculty will be run immediately before the first semi-monthly payroll run on July 7.

Personal days – administrators and classified staff

The last day to use any remaining personal hours received for the 2013-14 fiscal year is Saturday, June 28, for classified staff, and Sunday, June 29, for administrative staff. Classified staff using Workforce time entry can view up-to-date leave information through WorkForce, as data is entered and submitted each pay period. Administrators may consult My Personal Information (MPI) to obtain their current leave balances.

The University provides a personal leave benefit to all classified employees as indicated in Policy #40.028. (AFSCME and FOP classified bargaining unit employees follow policy #40.028 as modified by Article 35(J) and 27L respectively of the Collective Bargaining Agreements.) Administrators and classified staff are provided identical personal leave benefits.  

The policy states that any unused personal days at the end of the fiscal year are added back to an individual’s sick leave balance. To accomplish this without confusion, the unused personal leave will be returned to an employee’s sick leave balance, before personal days for 2014-2015 are established for employees with a sick leave balance of at least 120 hours (15 days) for those assigned to eight hour shifts, and 150 hours for those assigned to ten hour shifts on July 1.  

All permanent and provisional, full-time and part-time classified employees, as well as full-time and part-time administrators, who have a sick leave balance indicated above, at the pay period ending June 28 for classified staff, and June 30 for administrative staff, will have three days of sick leave time converted to personal leave for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. For employees working 8-hour shifts, 24 hours of time will be converted. For employees working 10-hour shifts, 30 hours will be converted. The employee’s sick leave balance will be reduced by the hours, while the personal leave balance will increase by the same number of hours. Employees can begin using the benefit July 1, which falls within the pay period ending July 12 for classified staff, and July 15 for administrative staff.

Relevant information

Personal time must be used in 1 hour increments. You may not report a half-hour hour, or one hour, 30 minutes, etc.

Please refer to the following policies for more information on leave:
Personal Days for Classified Staff: www.ohio.edu/policy/40-028.html
Vacation & WBC for Administrative and Classified Employees– Policy 41.000: www.ohio.edu/policy/41-000.html
Paid sick leave for faculty and administrative staff – Policy 40.029: www.ohio.edu/policy/40-029.html
Paid sick leave for classified – Policy 40.030: www.ohio.edu/policy/40-030.html
Leaves of Absence for faculty and administrative staff – Policy 41.128: www.ohio.edu/policy/41-128.html
Leaves of Absence for classified staff – Policy 40.033: www.ohio.edu/policy/40-033.html

Please contact the Human Resource Office (records 593-2096) or payroll (5933-1860) with questions.

Information contained in this message was submitted by the Office of Finance and Administration.