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Cathy Waller

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Administrative Senate announces senator election results

Administration Senate has announced the results from May’s election, including the following:

Senators re-elected to new terms: Andrew Stuart, district 2; Connie Pollard, district 7; Jessica Wingett, district 9; Marissa Dienstag, district 13; Kelly Pero, district 17; Marty Barnes, part-time staff senator; and Filiz Aydin and Eileen Theodore-Shusta, at-large senators.

Newly elected senators: Laurie Lach, district 8; Misti Smith, district 15; and Myca Haynes, Ricky Huard, and Corey Posey, at-large senators.

Administrative Senate Chair Josh Bodnar is moving from district 3 to district 11 as he has accepted a new position on campus that resulted in a change in office location.

Two districts have vacancies, including district 3, which includes Chubb Hall and Bromley Hall, and district 6, which includes the Computer Services Center and Copeland Hall. There also are two vacant at-large positions available for regional campuses. Those interested in becoming involved can contact admin.senate@ohio.edu.

The slate of officers for the coming year also was put forward at the June meeting and will officially be voted on during the July meeting. The proposal includes Cathy Waller as chair, Jessica Wingett as vice president, Tim Epley as treasurer and Wendy Rogers as secretary.

District senate representation
District 1: Eleni Zulia, Bentley Hall and Annex, Cutler Hall, Ellis Hall, Lindley Hall, McGuffey Hall, Research and Technology Center, and Wilson Hall.
District 2: Andrew Stuart, Alden Library, Alden Annex, Crewson House, Scripps Hall, Sing Tao Center.
District 3: Vacant, Bromley Hall, Chubb Hall, and Pilcher House.
District 4: Lisa Dael, Brown House, Yamada International House, Claire Oates Ping Cottage, Galbreath Chapel, Glidden Hall, Hudson Health Center, Jennings House, Kantner Hall, Konneker Alumni Center, Lin Hall-Kennedy Museum of American Art, Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium, McCracken, McKee House, Putnam, Sculpture Studio, Siegfried Hall, Trisolini Gallery, and Tupper Hall.
District 5: Tim Epley, Baker University Center, and Radio-Television Center.
District 6: Vacant, Computer Services Center and Copeland.
District 7: Connie Pollard, Grover Center, Porter Hall, Walter Hall, and West Green residence halls.
District 8: Laurie Lach, Grosvenor Hall, Grosvenor West Wing, and parks.
District 9: Jessica Wingett, Clippinger Laboratory, Edwards Accelerator Laboratory, Irvine Hall, Life Science Center, Surface Science Laboratory, Wilson Hall, Zoology Animal Science, and Academic & Research Center.
District 10: Nicholas Brigati, Aquatic Center, Bird Arena, Carin Strength and Conditioning Center, Convocation Center, Golf & Tennis Facility, Peden Stadium and Tower, Ping Center, Visitors Center, and Wren Stadium.
District 11: Joshua Bodnar, Central Food Facility, Facilities Management, Factory Street, and University Garage.
District 12: Toni Heightland, Biochemistry Building, Corrosion Center, West Union Street Office Center (Office of Information Technology staff), Human Resources Training Center, and Innovation Center.
District 13: Marissa Dienstag, Central Classrooms, Haning Hall, West Union Street Office Center, and Lasher Hall.
District 14: Cathy Waller, The Ridges Buildings 8, 9, 19, 20, 21, 22, 27 and 37.
District 15: Misti Smith, Ohio University Airport, McFarland Avionics Building, Stocker Engineering and Technology Center.
District 16: Melissa Standley, East Green residence halls, Konneker Research Laboratories, Nelson, Wolfe and Mill Street Apartments, South Green residence hall, and Technology and Enterprise Building.
District 17: Kelly Pero, 35 Park Place, Botanical Research, Gordy Hall, Morton Hall, Oasis, President’s Residence, and Scott Quadrangle.
Part-time senator: Martin Barnes
At-large senators: Filiz Aydin, Jewell Barlow, Keely Hultz, Marjorie Mora, Myca Haynes, Ricky Huard, Wendy Kaaz, Doug Grammer, Corey Posey, Jennifer Maskiell, Wendy Rogers, and Eileen M. Theodore-Shusta.
Regional campus senator: Matt Ward. There are two regional seats available.