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Student employee summer workload limits released

Last year, the University announced a 28 hour per week limit for student employees during all break periods. This includes the breaks between semesters (such as winter break) and during semesters (such as spring break). As spring semester draws to an end, departments are reminded that the 28 hour per week limit for student employees applies to the upcoming summer break. 

If there are questions regarding the 28 hour per week limit, or a special circumstance that may require an exception to the limit, contact Greg Fialko in Human Resources at 740-593-1639 or fialko@ohio.edu.

Student exemption from OPERS and Medicare

Students must be enrolled in classes at least half time to be eligible for exemption from Medicare and Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS) deductions. The enrollment requirement for exemption during the summer is five credit hours for graduate students and six credit hours for undergraduate students. Enrollment can be three hours per summer session or six hours for a single session. Hocking College and high school students are not eligible for the exemption.

The Medicare salary deduction is 1.45 percent (0.0145) while the OPERS deduction is 10 percent. For students to be exempt from OPERS, they must complete the OPERS Request for Optional Exemption as a Student form (http://www.ohio.edu/finance/payroll/upload/OPERS-Exemption-10-2013-3.pdf). Hocking College and high school students are not eligible for the exemption.

Direct deposit of pay encouraged for all employees

Direct deposit is the electronic transfer of your pay directly into your bank or credit union account. By transferring funds electronically, there is no need for a printed paycheck. People with direct deposit will get their money faster and won’t need to go to the bank to deposit their check. The money is automatically deposited into bank accounts on pay day even if the employee is out of town on vacation. Direct deposit also eliminates the risk of a lost or stolen check.

Current and past pay slips can be viewed online through Oracle e-Business Suite’s My Personal Information at www.ohio.edu/ebiz/myhr.html. Employees can use their OHIO ID and password to access My Personal Information.

Direct deposit forms are available via the web at www.ohio.edu/finance/payroll/upload/MASTER-Direct-Deposit-Form-10-22-13EDITABLE-2.pdf.