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OHIO Emeriti Association

OHIO Emeriti Association "On The Green Weekend" Pin

Photo courtesy of: Sarah Filipiak

Norm O'Reilly

Norm O'Reilly. See sidebar for more information about O'Reilly and Alumni College.

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All-Emeriti Reception during 'On the Green Weekend'

The Ohio University Alumni Association welcomes past, present and future members of the OHIO family to the All-Emeriti Reception on May 31 as part of “On the Green Weekend.” Sponsored by the Ohio University Emeriti Association, the reception is a chance for members of the Association and the public to mingle with honored members.

The Emeriti Association is a social organization founded to honor retiring and retired faculty and staff who have served the University. For more than 45 years, the Association has recognized those faculty and staff who have made a positive impact during their years teaching and working at the University.

Dru Riley Evarts, emeriti association president, professor emerita of journalism and three-time OHIO alumna, is excited for the inaugural All-Emeriti Reception during “On the Green Weekend.”

The reception is in two parts: first, a luncheon will be held at Latitude 39 from 10 to 11:30 a.m., followed by a social gathering for the weekend’s signature event, BBQ on the Green, from noon p.m. to 1:30 p.m. The Emeriti Association will pitch a tent during the BBQ.  All are welcome to come and learn more about the organization.

Evarts and her colleagues hope to see many new faces join their lively group at the events. “The Emeriti Association is a really nice group that wants to do nice things for the University,” Evarts said.


Norm O’Reilly, professor and chair of the Department of Sports Administration, joined the College of Business in January and brought with him a wealth of knowledge about sport business.

During “On the Green Weekend,” he will host a class titled "The Value of a Professional Sports Club to its Local Market," which will review a multi-year analysis of what a particular National Hockey League club means to its local marketing.

“I will analyze the club’s financial, sport, community, volunteer and event impacts on the market in which it resides, and discuss the overall impact and the implications of the results on sport marketing,” O’Reilly said.

During his presentation he also will discuss the perils of such topics of study, and the method his research team used to ensure a reasonable result. O’Reilly is an accomplished scholar and was named one of the “Five to Watch” in sport business in Canada.

“I hope to discuss the sport business globally; key factors, case studies on business growth, business decline through sport, sport property, and what we can learn in other areas of business from them,” O’ Reilly said.

For his first Alumni College experience, O’Reilly is looking forward to meeting and interacting with alumni during all of the “On the Green Weekend” festivities.

“I’m looking forward to meeting a broader breadth of business alumni and others that have an interest in sport, marketing or finance,” O’Reilly said. “I’ve been amazed so far at how strong the bond is between students and alumni with the University­­— it’s quite impressive. I knew coming in that it was good, but it has really blown me away.”