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University streamlining of Workers' Compensation/Extended Sick Leave return to work process

As of Monday April 21, Ohio University employees released to return to work by their Physician of Record (POR) from an occupational injury/illness or returning from extended sick leave will no longer be required to be seen by a second physician at University Medical Associates (UMA).    

Under the old process, employees were examined by their treating physician and provided with a release to return to work with or without limitations. They were then required to repeat this process by going to UMA and examined once again by another physician to confirm the information provided by the employee's treating physician.   

Under the new return to work procedure, employees released by their treating physician will no longer be required to complete a second return to work examination. This is consistent with Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) rules and regulations, which require all state of Ohio employers to consider and abide by the return to work information provided by the employee's POR. By removing this second examination from the return to work procedure and streamlining the process, Ohio University will save employees’ time so they may return to work sooner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for me? 

Beginning April 21, Ohio University employees will only require return to work information from the employee's treating physician and you will no longer have to travel to UMA to submit to a second examination. This applies to all employees returning to work after having been off due a work related injury or returning from extended sick leave.  

Will the paperwork my treating physician is required to complete change? 

No. If returning from a work-related injury your POR is still required to complete the same medical forms required by BWC. If returning from extended sick leave, your treating physician will still submit the same medical forms as is current practice. The only difference is the forms no longer have to go to UMA for a second examination.

The Workers' Compensation Department staff is excited about the new return to work process as it can save employees the extra time of having to go see a physician who is not familiar with their particular injury or illness. Staffers can expedite the employee's return to work after having been away from their job and co-workers for an extended period of time.

If you have any questions or concerns related to this change, please contact Larry Wines at telephone number 740-597-1992 or via email at wines@ohio.edu.