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Tutoring Services enhances its website

Ohio University's Academic Advancement Center, which provides tutoring and academic assistance to students on campus, has recently upgraded its website for quicker and easier access.

Tutoring Services has utilized "Tutor Trac," which is a scheduling system that allows students to find and schedule tutors. This service is able to reach more students and increase overall productivity of the program. Along with this, Tutoring Services has dedicated additional time for training of tutors to provide a more solid experience for students.

"With so many changes, we wanted a website that was easier to navigate and search for information, since we offer several different options for free and low-cost tutoring and additional free academic support programs through the Academic Advancement Center," said Joan Zalaya, assistant director of tutoring services. "We also wanted to reflect our commitment to offering a supportive environment at Ohio University."

The Tutoring Services website now offers a section dedicated to suggestions on how to prepare to work with your tutor, as well as a Twitter account for students to gather updates and information faster. In order to better serve faculty members, the site has a sample syllabus statement and information regarding the available services for them to pass along to their students who need help.

"We want to make sure students are fully supported and recognize we can help them succeed," said Zalaya.

The Academic Advancement Center is always hiring tutors. For more information visit http://www.ohio.edu/tutoring/ or follow them on Twitter at @OU_AAC.