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Last week of Faculty/Staff Survey

Deadline extended to Friday, April 18

All eligible faculty and staff (.75 FTE or higher) are encouraged to complete the Chronicle of Higher Education faculty/staff survey before the extended deadline of Friday, April 18. Faculty and staff who have not yet completed the survey will receive a reminder email invitation on April 14 and April 18.

The email invitation will be from ModernThink (surveys@modernthink.net) with the subject “OU Great Colleges Survey Reminder.” We have heard from several faculty and staff that the survey email has ended up in their "junk" email, so if you can't find the survey invitation, do a quick search for the word

"ModernThink" in all of your email (including your junk email). If you think you should have received an invitation for the survey but didn't, send a quick email to your senate chair; it’s easy to ask for the invitation to be re-sent.

Please take a few moments to complete the survey – the impact of the survey depends on your participation! With the extended deadline, we are aiming for a 55 percent overall response rate from the faculty, administrative, and classified staff. The current overall response rate is 49 percent, with group response rates below.


There are many important reasons to participate in the survey, as outlined by each senate chair below. But you may have heard that there is also a friendly "side bet" going on among the chairs of the faculty, administrative, and classified senates: the chair of the senate with the lowest response rate will serve snacks to the senate with the highest response rate at their next meeting.
Why Faculty Should Take the Survey
This is a rare opportunity to provide input on a wide variety of issues. For example, we know that there will likely be significant changes to health care benefits because of the Affordable Care Act: we need good data about which benefits faculty value the most. We know that faculty need the time and resources to do their teaching, research, and service at the highest level: we need good data to see whether we have the support we need. We know that faculty input is crucial to shared governance: we need good data to determine how well our shared governance is working. Faculty and staff initiated the survey and we will advocate on your behalf according to the results of the survey. The President and Provost have invested significant resources in the survey, which indicates their strong level of support for the survey as well. As we head into the last week of the survey, I encourage faculty who have not yet completed the survey to take a few minutes to participate—and thanks to those who have already participated.   
         —Elizabeth Sayrs, Chair, Faculty Senate
Why Administrative Staff Should Take the Survey
Often times I hear from my administrative colleagues that they sometimes feel like their voices are not heard on important issues, and this is an opportunity to make sure that they are. This survey represents a grass-roots effort that was started and led by the senates because we value the voices of all of our constituents and are working together to make sure we understand your needs and opinions.

Additionally, the level of support that has been provided by President Roderick J. McDavis and Provost Pam Benoit shows that they too are committed to this effort. I hope that all of us take this opportunity to contribute to the dialogue while we have it.
         —Josh Bodnar, Chair, Administrative Senate
Why Classified Staff Should Take the Survey
Classified Senate is very happy that the survey has been extended until Friday, April 18. As we begin the last week to accept the survey, I want to thank everyone that has provided their input. I hope that anyone who has not submitted their survey yet will do so as soon as possible. We really need to hear from everyone. A successful survey contains opinions from as many employees as possible, in all positions at this university. Please help us educate everyone at the university on the “true OU workplace” environment.
       —Bonnie Behm-Geddes, Chair, Classified Senate