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Provost announces FY2015 faculty, staff raise pools

The following information is provided as an explanation of the upcoming implementation of two separate funding pools for salary increases in fiscal year 2015. Increases for promotion and tenure and employee benefits costs also are addressed.

Standard raise pool

A standard salary raise pool for fiscal year 2015, which begins July 1, 2014, has been established as 2 percent for benefits-eligible faculty and staff positions.

The standard salary raise pool will be distributed as an across-the-board increase for classified staff.

For faculty and administrative employees in benefits-eligible positions, the standard raise pool will be implemented on a merit system within a range of 0.5 percent to five percent and in recognition of the individual’s performance evaluations. Merit increases outside the range must be approved by the provost or planning unit (for non-academic units). Requests outside the range must be submitted to the provost (or planning unit head) by June 9. Employees who receive an increase outside the approved range are to be provided a written explanation of the reason(s) from the planning unit.

Colleges may set aside up to 0.5 percent of the standard raise pool for a dean's discretionary pool to address exceptional merit and other salary alignment issues. Unit-specific guidelines for distribution of merit increases should be communicated within each planning unit.

Salary investment pool

In keeping with the Feb. 6 recommendations of the Faculty Total Compensation Task Force, additional salary investment will be made towards a goal of moving the average salary for tenure-track faculty, over the next three years, to third position among four-year public universities in the state of Ohio. A salary investment pool of $1,282,882 has been earmarked for Athens tenure-track faculty with each college and each faculty rank assigned a proportion of the funds. Regional campuses will allocate a 2.19 percent salary investment pool for regional campus tenure-track faculty. Athens campus and regional campus non-tenure track faculty also will be allocated a 2.19 percent pool.

The salary investment pool will be assigned at the college level to be distributed among departments on the Athens campus. The salary investment pool will be assigned at the campus level for regional campuses to be distributed among divisions. Funds are allocated within each pool separately and will not be moved across faculty ranks or groups. In making distribution decisions, departments and colleges will consider factors such as merit in teaching, research, and service; disparity between salaries and discipline benchmarks; compression that may have resulted from recent hires or promotions; or other, documented equity issues.

Promotion increases for tenure-track and non-tenure track (career teaching) faculty

Salary increases are granted for tenure-track faculty upon successful tenure and promotion. Beginning in 2014, faculty promoted from assistant to associate professor will receive a base salary increase of $6,000 (increased from $3,500) and faculty promoted from associate professor to professor will receive a base salary increase of $9,000 (increased from $5,000).

Beginning in 2014, career teaching faculty members (Group II) also will receive base salary increases based upon successful promotion, with associate lecturers receiving an additional $4,000 and senior lecturers receiving an additional $6,000.

Salary increases for faculty that are below 0.5 percent or above 10 percent from all sources described above, combined, must be submitted to the provost by June 9. Employees who receive an increase outside the approved range are to be provided a written explanation of the reasons. Reappointment is scheduled to occur between April 28 and June 10.

Post-doctorate and grant-funded position increases, if available from the funding source and applied, will follow the above raise pool guidelines.

Administrative and classified employee compensation

With implementation of the COMP 2014 Project, currently on track for Fall 2014, there will be new pay structures for both the administrative and professional staff and for the classified non-bargaining staff. Until that time, employees' base pay increases will not be restricted by pay-grade maximums.

Salary increases related to job reclassifications require prior approval from University Human Resources and may occur throughout the year. Salary increases due to reclassification are absorbed by the unit and within existing budgets. The job evaluation (or upgrade) process continues to be frozen until implementation of the COMP 2014 Project later this year. The reappointment process may not be used to work around this freeze. Some exceptions, such as a counter-offer/retention scenario, may be considered with approval by the planning unit leadership.


The major components of the university's health, dental, and vision plans (deductibles, co-pays, benefit levels, etc.) for faculty, administrators and classified staff will remain unchanged for fiscal/plan year 2014-2015. Due to continued rising health care costs, inflation, as well as increased utilization, health insurance and dental insurance premiums will increase slightly for the upcoming year.