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Playful Learning Conference is April 10

The Patton College of Education will host "Playful Learning," an interactive conference for practicing and pre-service teachers on Thursday, April 10.
The conference will take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Baker University Center and participants will engage in workshops, hands-on learning-labs, interactive game sessions and discussion jam sessions.

Playful Learning will focus on new technology and its utilization in classrooms across the country. It will feature several distinguished keynote speakers, including Drew Davidson of Carnegie Mellon University and Peggy Sheehy of Ramapo Central School.

"We are committed to building a conversation around digitally mediated pedagogical approaches to learning that engage and motivate learners," said Seann Dikkers, assistant professor of education studies in the Patton College of Education. "In collaboration with others around the country, the PL events are an effort to not only tell, but show and share that learning can be interactive and amplified by new media technologies."

Students attending Playful Learning can expect plenty of networking opportunities.
"First, we're in Athens, the best town in the U.S. to take a walk, spend some time, and meet new people," Dikkers said. "Second, we have a full arcade of video games that teachers can use across subject areas and ages. Third, we have hallway "Post-it Note" forums that we can't wait to see how they will work."

Students can also expect to take Augmented Reality tours on the second floor at Baker Center. The area will be lined with soft chairs to encourage open discussion and build new relationships.  

For more information on Playful Learning, check out their website: http://www.interactivelearningconference.com/index.html