OUPD officers are preparing the campus for an active shooter situation

Photo courtesy of: Ohio University Police Department

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OUPD wins Silver Telly Award for armed intruder video

This year, the Ohio University Police Department was awarded the Silver Telly Award for its informational video titled, "ALiCE: Responding to an Armed Intruder."

ALiCE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) is a set of proactive strategies that increase chances of survival during an armed intruder event.

The video was made in order to increase awareness of the ALiCE program. It also offers the community insight about how to handle an active shooter on the Athens Campus and provides tips on how students can take control of this type of emergency.

According to OUPD Lt. Tim Ryan, "having a short video clip that summarized ALiCE seemed like a good solution. The video is proudly placed on our homepage with instructions on how to get in touch with OUPD to schedule a training session."

OUPD offers free ALiCE training sessions throughout the year to help prepare the community for an active shooter.  

The OUPD officers worked in conjunction with University Communications and Marketing to produce the 2013 video. OUPD officers wrote the script and provided the police personnel to act in the video.

"The actual production of the video was completed by UCM. They did a phenomenal job – we couldn't be happier with it," Ryan said. "We are hoping that winning this award will increase the video's exposure and help raise awareness about the importance of ALiCE training."

Mike Zorbas, a graduate of Ohio University, was a key component in the production of the video. He held a PACE position in UCM before accepting an internship with the Miss Universe Pageant as a senior.

UCM Director of Video and Photography Services David Urano said, "While Mike worked for us, he produced several projects for UCM and university clients. He previously won a DV Award for a short video he pitched to us called 'The Ohio University Running Club.'"

In order to celebrate the Silver Telly Award, OUPD bought a duplicate statue to place in their lobby. The statue is expected to be delivered this spring.

For more information about the ALiCE Training Program, visit: http://www.ohio.edu/police/