Barbara Jewell

Barbara Jewell

Photographer: Jonathan Adams

Darian Pinkston

Darian Pinkston

Photographer: Jonathan Adams

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Four OHIO students receive assistantships through Fulbright program

Four Ohio University students were awarded English Teaching Assistantships (ETA) through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program.

Barbara “Babz” Jewell and Breanna Carrero received placement in Germany while Clare Volz will be in Indonesia and Darian Pinkston in Brazil.

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program allows for students who receive ETAs to spend up to one academic year in classrooms overseas teaching English as a second language as well as learning more about the country’s culture and language.

Jewell and Pinkston were both Ohio Program Intensive English conversation partners while Volz and Carrero are integrated language arts majors. Jewell and Carrero also studied German at OHIO while Volz studied Indonesian and Pinkston taught herself Portuguese. These qualities and others made them well qualified for the ETA.

For Jewell, receiving this award allows for her to have the time of her life, she said.

“Teaching might be my shtick,” Jewell said. “It ignites my drive for a challenging experience, teamwork, and helping build the tools for successful communication in those who need another’s guidance. Teaching, especially language-teaching, is such a fun, creative, and ever expanding field.”

The possibility of spending time in Germany after the Fulbright term is also a possibility that Jewell will keep open, she said.

“I am most looking forward to the time working under the professional guidance of my senior teachers,” Jewell said. “Plus, I can’t wait to start improving my own skills and understanding through a real-world, heuristic experience by teaching grade-school and high-school students.”

Elizabeth Clodfelter , the director of the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards, served as an advisor to all four students and said they were great to work with and very enthusiastic.

“They were all very willing to write several drafts of their essays and prep for interviews,” Clodfelter said. “They’re all excellent students with a genuine interest in teaching.”

 Clodfelter also believes that teaching English abroad will make them all better teachers.

“It’ll make them more aware of the world,” she said.