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First-year Council establishes summer communication plan for incoming students

A recommendation by Ohio’s University’s First-Year Council to create more streamlined post-orientation communication with new Bobcats is being implemented this summer.

For many years individual offices and departments have shared pertinent information with incoming students about residential life, dining options, academic and co-curricular opportunities, and other important topics during the summer. To capitalize on robust messaging, Undergraduate Admissions will coordinate scheduling to ensure timely delivery and eliminate confusion that could be caused by overlapping messages. While Undergraduate Admissions will primarily facilitate message timing, offices also have the option for Undergraduate Admissions to execute communication on their behalf.

“Admissions will serve as a clearinghouse and collaborate with departments to put the messages together into one package and distribute related messages to students in consolidated e-mails,” explained Jenny Klein, co-chair of OHIO’s First-Year Council. “It will help students be in touch with the University, but not be overwhelmed.”

Instead of distributing information in isolated bursts, she said, Undergraduate Admissions will streamline the messaging effort so there’s a bigger impact as students and their families review the information. All relevant messaging will continue to be sent to incoming students, but it will be packaged in a way that emphasizes context and engagement with OHIO throughout the summer.

“I think this is a great approach to streamline and better target our communication among all campus entities to future Bobcats,” said David Ridpath, associate professor of sports administration. “We want to send them accurate, needed information without overwhelming them with too much, and this is the best way to do it. We just want to let them know how happy we are to have them as part of the family.”

Beginning May 1, any department or unit within the University wishing to communicate with incoming first-year students should contact Undergraduate Admissions at 740-593-4103 or zempter@ohio.edu.