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Counselor Advisory Board to bring valuable insight for OHIO admissions

Members of the Counselor Advisory Board (CAB) will be on campus Monday, April 7 and Tuesday, April 8, to share their insight into the college admission process with Ohio University’s Undergraduate Admissions staff and other University personnel.

Comprised of 24 high school counselors, CAB features a mix of private and public school counselors from Ohio and around the country. CAB members are hitting the bricks in Athens not only to gain valuable information about the college admissions process at OHIO, but also to share their observations about the experience from the high school perspective.

“This event can be beneficial for us and for the counselors because it presents the opportunity for Undergraduate Admissions’ communication and connection to grow and flourish with high school counselors and their students,” said Kevin Witham, senior associate director of Undergraduate Admissions and organizer of the CAB program. "It’ll hopefully be enjoyable for the people who have not been on campus before as well. Ultimately, we want to learn more about how we can serve them and their students most effectively.”

Counselors will be welcomed with a reception at 5:30 p.m. Monday in Peden Stadium Tower. Dinner at the Ohio University Inn will follow, with entertainment by OHIO student a capella group, The Leading Tones, and a presentation by Executive Director of Housing Pete Trentacoste on OHIO's new housing master plan.

Counselors will participate in four working sessions on Tuesday with University Communications and Marketing, the Career and Leadership Development Center, Undergraduate Admissions, and Counseling/Psychological Services and Accessibility Services. Sessions will focus on information relevant to high school students’ college search process.
“Ohio University is a very popular school for our kids to apply to," said Kelly Owens, guidance chair of Oakwood High School in Dayton, Ohio. "It will be interesting to see what the admissions people are working on and see what’s important to them. I’m looking forward to coming together as a group to discuss ideas for our students and help bridge those relationships for admissions and high school counselors.”

In addition to the more formal sessions, counselors will have several opportunities to explore Ohio University and Athens. A campus walking tour, classroom visit, and sessions with academic or student services offices are scheduled, and board members will have the chance to meet with OHIO students.

“I value being able to have these conversations with high school people and the college because we are all working to better our students through communication, through programs, through understanding, and through sharing," said St. Joseph Academy College Counseling Department Chair Susan Emmerich. "Whenever we can share information and collaborate together, it’ll ultimately benefit students the most.”