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Parking services offers students suggestions for moving out safely

Students moving from Athens next month should try and pack everything in boxes prior to loading things into their vehicles to help ease traffic congestion throughout the city.

That’s the message from Ohio University Parking Services, who realize move-out weekend is one of the busiest and stressful times of year, and is encouraging everyone to be safe by following proper parking regulations and move-out procedures.

“If all the students moving out could be packed up and move a vehicle when they are actually loading, and not packing and loading at the same time, that makes it easier for everybody,” said Ben Kline, special events and adjudication coordinator for Parking Services.

There is no parking permitted within a fire lane. For this purpose, parking is defined as the vehicle being stopped, unoccupied and not running. Stopping within a fire lane is permissible, though. For this purpose, stopping is defined as the vehicle being stopped, occupied (or having an occupant in the immediate vicinity) and running (or available to be moved immediately by the person in the immediate vicinity).

During move-out, vehicles may be stopped in the fire lanes but not parked as long as the stopped vehicle is occupied or someone with the legal means to move the vehicle is in the immediate vicinity. Vehicles stopped in a fire lane are limited to a 30-minute maximum. This maximum is to ensure all students are afforded opportunities to park in these areas and load their vehicles. Exceeding 30 minutes in a loading area could result in a fine.

“Hazard lights are not a recognized form of a parking permit. They only notify law enforcement there’s a hazard of some sort,” Kline noted. “Fire lanes are OK to stop in as long as cars are not stopped for a long period and as long as there’s a person at the car or near the car. We try to encourage turnover to ease congestion.”

Meters are still enforced during special events and meter fees still need to be paid. Meters are for priority parking meant for immediate needs such as loading and unloading. This is an especially important need for many people during move-out. Continued enforcement of meters encourages quick turnover in high-priority spaces, giving everyone a chance to use them.

Parking is never permitted on the grass. The OHIO Grounds Crew works very hard to make the campus beautiful, and vehicles parking in places that are not parking lots detracts from the beauty and can even create damage.

Residence halls

All OHIO residence halls will officially close at 6 p.m. Saturday, May 3. Students must vacate their residence hall within 24 hours of their last final exam or before the official closing time, whichever comes first. Students will be charged a late fee if they do not move out on time or make alternate arrangements with a residential coordinator or resident director in advance.

Students are encouraged to attend closing floor-section meetings to get up-to-date information from their resident assistant. Don’t forget to clean the room and formally check out with a Residential Housing staff member before leaving campus. Failing to check out properly could result in fees or fines being assessed to student accounts.

Detailed information can be found at www.ohio.edu/housing/halls/closing.cfm.

Off-Campus housing

Off-campus students can donate items that can be reused to one of the many drop-off locations in and around Athens.

Students should clean their rental or could be charged additional fees by their landlords, and should communicate directly with their landlord to set up a time for a “move-out walk-through” — a meeting to be aware of what the landlord sees as a violation of the terms of the lease.

Students should communicate directly with landlords about the return of the security deposit and when it should be expected. In Ohio, the landlord must return the security deposit within 30 days of the end of the lease.


Ohio University's 2014 commencement ceremonies will take place at the Convocation Center, located on West Green of the Athens campus. Graduate ceremonies will begin at 9:30 a.m., May 2, followed by two undergraduate ceremonies at 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. on May 3.

All dark green and purple lots will be open to commencement parking. Signs will be posted and Ohio University Police will assist with traffic and parking. A map is available showing all parking lots on the Athens campus for students participating in Commencement Exercises, and their family and friends.

Friends and family are strongly advised to arrive on campus early. Guests are not to stop in the middle of the road and should be prepared for delays when arriving and departing campus.  

The OHIO Parking Services website contains information on lot availability throughout the weekend.