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New procurement cards distributed

Procurement cardholders (PCard) may have noticed their card is nearing its expiration date. All existing PCards and controlled value cards, regardless of expiration date embossed on the cards, will expire on June 30. The University’s new procurement card contract with JP Morgan Chase (JPMC) begins on July 1 and cards will be reissued to existing cardholders beginning the week of May 19. Procurement Services has worked with members of the academic (RC Strategy group) and administrative areas to determine the most feasible method of distributing the new cards to cardholders in their division. The distribution plan is outlined at the bottom of this message.  

Cardholders will be notified by their units about where and when to pick up their cards. Card distribution will begin on May 19 at the unit’s designated distribution location: within the operating unit (through June 20), at the Finance Customer Care center (WUSOC 205), or at the Tech Depot in Baker Center (through June 2). Any cards not picked up from Tech Depot or the units by the deadlines, June 2 or June 20 respectively, will be available for pick up at the Finance Customer Care Center.  

Be prepared to show photo identification and sign to affirm receipt of the card. Remember that all current cards will expire on June 30. Cardholders should work with the unit's contact if they will be away from campus during the distribution period.  

PCard reissuance distribution by unit

Arts and Sciences: Tech Depot May 19 to June 2 and Finance Customer Care after June 2, contact Claire Kimok.
Business: Unit distribution, Evelyn Blake.
Communications: Unit distribution, Heather Krugman.
Engineering: Unit distribution, Luanne Bowman.
Fine Arts: Unit distribution, DeAnna Russell.
Graduate College: Unit distribution, Lisa Poston.
Health Science and Professions: Unit distribution, Tia Barrett.
Heritage College of Medicine: Unit distribution, Shelly Ruff.
Honors Tutorial: Unit distribution, Kathy White.
International Studies: Unit distribution, Diane Cahill.
Library: Unit distribution, Debi Daniels.
Patton College of Education: Finance Customer Care, Beth Lydic.
Regional Campuses: Unit distribution, Rosanna Howard. (PCards for the regional campuses will continue to be held at their campus locations through Sept. 12.)
University College: Unit distribution, Wendy Merb-Brown.
Voinovich School: Unit distribution, Mike Finney.
WOUB: Unit distribution, Sue Cyran.
Advancement: Finance Customer Care, Mark Willis.
ICA: Finance Customer Care, Tim Knavel.
OIT: Unit distribution, Aaron Leatherwood and Renee Perry.
Provost/President: Unit distribution, Sheila Schultz.
Research: Unit distribution, Keith Leffler.
Student Affairs: Unit distribution, Megan Vogel.
VPFA (all but Auxiliary Services): Finance customer care, Tina Payne.
VPFA - Auxiliary Services: Unit distribution, Tina Payne.

After June 20, all cards will be available for pickup at the Finance Customer Care Center (WUSOC 205).

Information contained in this message with submitted by the Department of Finance and Administration.