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Faculty/Staff Survey continues through April 14

Ohio University is currently participating in the Higher Education Insight Survey, administered by the Chronicle of Higher Education and ModernThink. This is the first comprehensive faculty/staff survey since the Campus Climate survey in 2004.
All full-time benefits-eligible faculty and staff have received either an email link to the survey or a paper copy of the survey (bargaining unit employees). For those receiving the survey by email, additional reminder emails containing the survey link will be sent before the survey closes April 14.
While the Faculty Senate has conducted an annual survey of the president and provost since 2008, Faculty Senate chair Elizabeth Sayrs noted that in the last few years that "faculty responses in the open comments section of the evaluations have brought up other issues like morale, work environment, and facilities—issues that the annual survey did not cover." In response, the Faculty Senate passed a resolution, signed by the provost, to undertake a comprehensive faculty and staff survey this year.
Beginning last summer, the leadership of the Administrative, Classified and Faculty senates worked with institutional research to identify an appropriate survey instrument. The survey is endorsed and supported by President McDavis and Provost Benoit.
Classified Senate Chair Bonnie Behm-Geddes emphasized that "Classified Senate supports this survey as another means that employees can 'Let their voices be heard.' Normally we encourage our classified employees to let senate members know about issues, problems or suggestions to make OU a better work environment. This survey is another way to give your true opinion with privacy. I hope that all classified employees will take this seriously and spend a few minutes to let everyone know what they truly think."
The survey is confidential and anonymous. The results of the survey will help identify issues that are important to faculty and staff and provide guidance about which issues to prioritize. The survey will also provide baseline data for planned follow-up surveys to help track progress on these issues.
Josh Bodnar, chair of Administrative Senate, added, "I see this as an incredible opportunity for employees to share their feedback in a constructive way that the senates can use to understand and improve the professional environment for all of our colleagues across campus. Knowing that the results are the most valuable when the most people participate, I sincerely hope that all administrators across all of our campuses will take a few moments to share their perspective with us." Sayrs agreed, emphasizing that the impact of the survey depends upon widespread participation, and adding that she hopes "all faculty will take the time to thoughtfully complete the survey. This is a relatively rare opportunity to provide serious feedback about a range of issues important to all faculty and staff."
Faculty or staff with questions about the survey should contact their senate or bargaining unit representative: Bonnie Behm-Geddes, Classified Senate; Josh Bodnar, Administrative Senate; Elizabeth Sayrs, Faculty Senate; James Shonborn, Bargaining Unit.