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Tornado sirens to sound March 5 at 9:50 a.m.

The test will be part of the Statewide 2014 Tornado Drill

When tornado sirens begin blaring on the Ohio University Athens Campus on March 5, people can rest assured it is just a test as part of the scheduled Statewide Tornado Drill.

March 2-8 is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Ohio and as part of this week, the Office of Risk Management and Safety is asking the University community to take a moment to reflect on the proper course of action in the event of severe weather, such as a tornado.

The sirens are scheduled to sound at 9:50 a.m. During this time, employees are encouraged to review the section of the Campus Emergency Guide which details the proper response to a tornado.

According to the Campus Emergency Guide, tornadoes can occur at any time, but peak tornado season in Ohio is April through July.

If you have any questions about responding to a tornado warning or other emergency situations, please contact Emergency Programs Manager Jill Harris at 593-9532 or harrisj4@ohio.edu.