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Reading Day planned for fall semester 2014

Beginning in fall semester 2014, Ohio University students can count on a newly designated Reading Day to give them a break from classes and a chance to prepare for mid-term assessments and assignments.

The Reading Day, the first of which will take place Oct. 3, will fall on the Friday of the sixth week of fall semester. No classes or labs will be held on Reading Day, but campus and administrative offices will remain open.

The aim of Reading Day, explains Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit, is to support students by providing them with an opportunity to prepare for examinations, projects and assessments the middle of the semester can bring. The idea came after faculty called attention to the academic fatigue students were experiencing during fall semester.

“We have considered input from across campus about the value of a small break during the fall semester and the optimal placement of that break to allow faculty and students to catch up and recharge,” said Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit. The Reading Day proposal was presented to University deans, associate and assistant deans, as well as faculty and student senates in order to solicit feedback and incorporate suggestions.

“Many students in the Ohio University community have been very supportive of a University Reading Day,” said President Roderick J. McDavis. “Our students were familiar with the concept based upon their peers’ experiences with reading days at other institutions. Almost universally, Ohio University students welcome the opportunity to catch up on work and rest during the middle of the fall semester. We look forward to the benefits that it will afford students – both in terms of academics and overall well-being.” 

Reading Day dates beyond fall semester 2014 have not yet been finalized, but will be communicated and incorporated into the academic calendar each year. Some adjustments will be made for future dates in conflict with the Veteran’s Day holiday.