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Ohio Today Online Winter 2014

Ohio Today Online Winter/Spring 2014

Illustration by: Sarah McDowell

Featured Stories

Welcome to your Winter/Spring 2014 issue of Ohio Today Online

Is it possible to run a mile at 94 years old?
Can a happy marriage last 64 years?
Is there hope for all of us who can't sing?

In this special issue of Ohio Today Online, our student and alumni writers asked a group of talented, unique alumni, “How’d you do that?”

You’ll meet Bill Benson, a record-breaking runner in his 90s; Kenneth and Faye Coe, two alumni who say communication (and a family vacation here and there) is the key to their relationship success; and Mary Rodgers, a vocal coach who works with nonsingers.

Whether they excel in their professions or personal accomplishments, these alumni share lessons learned from and helpful tips inspired by their achievements.
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Also inside...

  • Small changes for a healthy life
  • A wedding in white (and green)
  • Prognosis? For cancer patients, there's hope

And much more!

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