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Renea Morris, Executive Director of University Communications and Marketing

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Branding OHIO with “it’s you” and the brackets

University Communications and Marketing welcomes the enthusiasm with which the University community is embracing OHIO’s new “it’s you” campaign! Here’s something you may not know: Ohio University’s “it’s you” is a registered trademark of Ohio University. Both the phrase “it’s you” and the accompanying brackets are part of the official OHIO brand administered by UCM.

By following a few simple guidelines in using these brand elements, you can help us ensure consistency across the University’s promotional efforts as we work together to elevate the OHIO brand across the nation and around the world.  

Also please keep in mind that, even in terms of general University branding beyond “it’s you,” any individual, unit, or organization needing a symbol, word mark, type treatment, or any other visual identity other than the University logo should contact UCM for guidance before proceeding in order to ensure brand compliance and appropriate usage.

Using OHIO’s “it’s you” and Brand Brackets

An important part of protecting the University’s brand identity is maximizing its effectiveness through consistent application. While official guidelines are being revised and there may be some modifications to the guidelines below, the following points serve to provide a basic outline for how the “it’s you” brand and related brackets should be used by across the University:

  • Only the phrase “it’s you” or the word “you” should be used in conjunction with the brackets on University-related materials. UCM must approve other uses.
  • Likewise, only icons or imagery approved for use and available through the toolbox on the University’s brand standards site (coming soon to www.ohio.edu/brand) may be placed within the brackets. Any other icons or imagery used in conjunction with “it’s you” and/or the brackets must be approved by UCM.

Let us help you apply the brand to promote your unit! UCM wants to work with you to develop distinctive ways that the “it’s you” brand and related elements such as the brackets can be used appropriately to promote your OHIO unit or event while still remaining true to our shared University-wide mission to promote the institution as a whole.  

We invite you to set up a project and talk with us about how to promote your unit and Ohio University at the same time. To begin a brand-related project or consult with us on developing brand-appropriate concepts for your unit, please submit a Project Request Form at www.ohio.edu/ucm/start/index.cfm. As the official gatekeeper of the Ohio University brand, UCM should be consulted early on, (before such brand initiatives are in production) in order to ensure compliance and appropriate usage.

The examples below illustrate appropriate and UCM-approved applications of “it’s you” and the brackets.

CoB viewbook_pg15_435

Ohio University’s College of Business worked with UCM on designing a new college-specific viewbook. The bracket treatment on the page shown emphasizes a point of pride about one of the academic unit’s five centers while directing the reader to the newly designed Admissions microsite at www.ohio.edu/you at the bottom of each page.


The Scripps College of Communication consulted with UCM about applying the new University brand in a way that would elevate both the college and the institution. The result was a bracketed theme {start you up} which, while a distinctive component of Scripps College, will also be used in a manner that is compliant with the overarching OHIO brand.

Welcome Guide_back cover_435

MVP Invite_cover_435

Both the brackets and the “it’s you” typefaces lend flexibility in the design. Notice the different typeface in the two pieces shown as well as the variation in color. There are five additional “it’s you” letterforms that were designed by OHIO’s own design students that can be used in promotional materials.