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Administrative Senate election to be held one month early in 2015

Ohio University's Administrative Senate unanimously voted on Thursday, March 20 to have elections begin one month early, beginning in 2015, after it was brought to their attention that the switch from quarters to semesters seems to have caused disruption with the Senate calendar as it coincides with the academic calendar.

Beginning in 2015, nominations and the subsequent election will be held one month early. Nominations are currently in April and elections in May. The change will make nominations happen in March and elections in April 2015 in an effort to realign the Senate calendar with the academic calendar.

Also, members of Administrative Senate unanimously decided that Senator Keely Hultz will move to an at-large position, Jessica Wingett will be moved from District 8 to District 9 and Marissa Dienstag moved from an at-large position to District 13. Wingett and Dienstag's changes were needed due to changes in their office locations. Hultz's change was made to correct a clerical error that occurred when she was initially appointed.