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March 1 power outage rescheduled

Two shorter outages will take place instead

Due to feedback from the Ohio University Athens Campus community, the power outage previously scheduled for Saturday, March 1 has been rescheduled. In recognition of several scheduled campus events, leadership in Facilities Management has elected to reschedule the outage by dividing it into two shorter outages over this coming weekend.
The outages will take place Saturday, March 1 beginning at midnight and continuing until 6 a.m. Sunday, March 2. Power will be restored beginning at 6 a.m. Sunday until the next scheduled outage, which will take place beginning at midnight on Sunday, March 2 and continuing until 6 a.m. Monday, March 3.

This outage is for emergency repairs as a result of deferred maintenance in the area, as well as for the Lindley Hall chilled water project. This outage is required to relocate cables and provide maintenance on existing equipment.
The following buildings will be affected by the power outage:
Alden Library
35 Park Place
Walter International Education Center
President’s Residence and Cottage-will blink at beginning and end of work
Edwards Accelerator Lab
Ellis Hall
Galbreath Chapel
Wilson Hall - College Green
Gordy Hall
McKee House
Upper Campus Grounds Building
Tupper Hall
Bryan Hall
Scott Quadrangle
Robert Glidden Hall
Putnam Hall
Old East Green Maintenance Building-Edge Hill
Seigfred Hall
Sculpture Studio
McCracken Hall
Morton Hall
Botanical Research Building
Clippinger Research Annex
Radio TV Communications Building
Kantner Hall
Athena Cinema
Schoonover Center
Yamada House
Jennings House
Trisolini House
Brown House
Voigt Hall
Memorial Auditorium
Hudson Health Center
Lasher Hall
President Street Academic Center
Richland Avenue Bridge
Haning Hall
Chubb Hall
Research and Technology Center
Cutler Hall
McGuffey Hall
E.W. Scripps Hall
Sing Tao House
Harry B. Crewson House
Bentley Hall
Bentley Hall Annex
Central Classroom Building
Bromley Hall
Old Heating Plant
Computer Service Center
Lindley Hall
Copeland Hall
Life Science Building
John Calhoun Baker University Center
East Green Dorms will blink at beginning and end of each shutdown:
Gamertsfelder Hall
Tiffin Hall
Biddle Hall
Perkins Hall
Bush Hall
Johnson Hall
Read Hall
Shively Hall
Jefferson Hall
Lincoln Hall
Washington Hall
Please direct all questions and concerns to Jay North by calling the Facilities Work Center at 593-2911.
Facilities thanks you for your patience and understanding.


The power outages scheduled for a large portion of Ohio University’s Athens campus from midnight to 6 a.m. on March 2 and 3 may affect your access to online services, depending on your location.

Blackboard, Catmail, the OHIO Front Door, and other central online services should remain online throughout both nights’ work; however, many buildings on the Athens campus will lose Internet and wired telephone access during the outages.  See the bottom of this message for a complete list of affected buildings.

Off campus locations: No impact with the exception of five Greek houses that are connected to the Athens campus network

Regional campuses: No impact

West Green & South Green residence halls: No impact

East Green residence halls:  Power will blink off and back on at the start and end of each night’s outage.  Online services, Internet access, and personal devices that run on battery power will not be affected by these blinks.  

Specific Athens campus buildings:  Delayed outages.  Wired/wireless Internet and wired telephone lines in affected buildings will go down once those buildings’ battery backups are exhausted.  Exact run times cannot be predicted in advance.  If your building is listed below, it is safest to assume that your Internet and wired phones will be down for the entire outage window.  

If you have any questions, please contact the OIT Service Desk at http://www.ohio.edu/oitech or 740-593-1222.