Renea Morris, Executive Director of University Communications and Marketing

Photo courtesy of: University Communications and Marketing

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Branding OHIO through its website: Part 3

Ohio University’s footprints are nestled among the hills of Appalachia as well as throughout Southeast Ohio and beyond. In Athens, students find a home away from home. In OHIO’s regional campuses, many students are the first in their families to discover the college experience and are often able to make lasting change in themselves and their communities. We prepare students to provide primary care in medically underserved communities and educate more than 1,700 international students each year.

Our website is an open door to all that the University has to offer – a virtual extension of the physical locations. The front door provides the best opportunity for Ohio University to make an initial impression that explains who we are and helps users find what they need. In developing a purposeful content strategy for the front door, the page has been divided into four zones:


Zone 1: The top of the page features a global header that includes the main navigation, University logo and primary calls to action.

Zone 2: A feature image slideshow will display prominently underneath the header and become the primary content area. The design will reinforce the University brand and the message that Ohio University is the top choice for prospective students. Photos will be linked to timely information, including key events, such as Commencement, Convocation and Founders Day.

Zone 3: Lower on the page there will be a “Latest News” element to highlight selected stories from Compass. Other calendar items, events and promotions will be student or influencer focused and may feature prominent University achievements.

Zone 4: Rather than making the bottom of the page an afterthought, the global footer will contain five major elements, which will reinforce some of the content that is featured above: 1) latest news, 2) quick links, 3) co-brand elements/awards, 4) contact information/directions, and 5) regional and e-campus links.

It is important that the website represents OHIO with a design that is responsive and engaging in order to attract prospective students and elevate the perception of the University in all of its many facets.

Look to Branding OHIO for more information about this University initiative.