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Updates to Faculty and Advising Center bring ease to advising

Advising for spring semester will be done with fewer hassles thanks to enhancements made to the Ohio University Faculty and Advising Center by the Registrar’s Office and the Office of Information Technology (OIT) within the last few months.

Bob Bulow, associate registrar for technology, led the project alongside others in the Registrar’s Office and OIT, including Ilya Kogan, Jacob Hoscher and Alan Chen.

“So often the things that we do are fixing things that are broken and this was actually a chance for us to offer some new features to enhance the advising experience,” Bulow said.

Many features were added, including

  • Special population icons, which will appear next to a student’s name to denote that he or she is a first-generation student, an athlete or a veteran who is receiving educational benefits.

  • Advisor notes, which allows advisors to add notes to a student’s record that will be able to be viewed by anyone with access to the student’s information.

  • Filter on relationship column, which allows an advisor to sort advisees by the advising relationship.

  • Filter for term of enrollment, which allows advisors to see which students are enrolled in classes for the current semester and a future term once priority registration begins.

  • Include graduation applicants in advisee list even if they are not enrolled for a future term, which will allow advisors to have access to a student’s record even if he or she has applied for graduation, even after the last term of enrollment. This makes it so records can be viewed while awaiting degree conferral. Historical lists make it possible for advisors to view past advisees who have graduated or left Ohio University in the past 10 years.

Many of the improvements came from the suggestions of faculty members who recognized how they could better benefit from the Advising Center, which launched in the summer of 2011. Other ideas came from employees in the Registrar’s Office who had noticed that not all of the features worked as they intended.

The modifications have been met with good reviews. Jenny Klein, assistant dean for persistence and student success, said she is fond of the changes, especially the notes and advisee relationship features because it allows her to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time helping students. She’s started emailing her notes to students after she puts them in the Advising Center.

“It makes it so I can do a much better job because I think those are high-quality services -- to email a student what you talked about -- because then we know we’re on the same page,” Klein said.

Those with suggestions for the advising center can send them to registrar@ohio.edu. Anyone with questions can consult the Frequently Asked Questions section in the upper right corner in the Advising Center or on the Registrar’s website at http://www.ohio.edu/registrar/adv.cfm.