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Top 10 Reasons Students should use the Calendar of University Events

Have you ever spent time wondering what activities and events are taking place around your university? Well, you can find what you’re looking for in one spot! The OHIO Calendar of University Events (CUE) is an easy, free way to find out what is taking place on campus to maximize your college experience and help you get involved. Some reasons why you use the calendar include:

1.   It’s easy! All you need to do is visit www.ohio.edu/calendar/ to see what’s going on and www.ohio.edu/calendar/submit/ to create a new event listing. The calendar is easily accessible from your smart phone or computer.

2.   You can promote your organization. If you are a part of a student group, the CUE is an easy and free way to publicize any events your organization is hosting. You can log on and add an event to let other students around campus know about your activity.

3.   The CUE can serve as a stress-free recruiting tool for your organization. It will provide students with dates and information to join different groups.

4.   It is a great, easy way to find out what is going on around campus. The CUE is more than just a website, it is a perfect tool to help you to find events you can attend. This helps both new and continuing students make friends and build connections around campus, so you can explore your interests in a community of like-minded people.

5.   It makes event info easy to provide. Since anyone with an OHIO ID can add an event by logging in at www.ohio.edu/calendar/submit/, you can keep your information accurate – because it can be edited (or deleted) at any time by the person who knows most about the event.

6.   It allows students to be aware of community service events. The CUE contains community service events on campus and around Athens that allow the students to give back to the town that has given so much to them.

7.   It allows parents to be aware of important dates in advance without having to bother their student. Both parents and students like to be aware of dates such as Parents Weekend, Moms Weekend, Dads Weekend and Sibs Weekend. The CUE is a perfect resource to find events for these dates ahead of time!

8.   It is a simple tool to inform students of school holidays. Students like to be able to write days off school in their planner at the beginning of the year. This calendar is a one-step way to fill in all the dates.

9.   The CUE reaches out to all ages. The calendar contains a variety of events and activities that appeal to all ages, diversity groups and interest groups. It is also is an easy tool for admitted students to look for ways to get involved prior to coming to college.

10.   Ohio University has so much to offer that most students aren’t even aware of. The CUE was created to inform everyone of these different opportunities.

The CUE is a great resource for students to stay informed on what is taking place around the University. Check it out and see how easy it is to add and edit events. Tasha Attaway, calendar project lead, is working with faculty, staff and students from across the University to enhance the user experience and make it an even more useful tool.

To find out more about the CUE please e-mail calendar@ohio.edu.