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University Human Resources unveils new recruitment video [VIDEO]

Employees share their affinity in “OHIO and Athens: A Welcoming Community”

A new video created by Ohio University Human Resources (UHR) and University Communications and Marketing (UCM) taps into the perspectives of OHIO employees to share why they love their community and chose Ohio University for their careers.

The recruitment video, titled "OHIO and Athens: A Welcoming Community," draws on the candid interviews of 10 University faculty and staff members. The production reflects the University's new brand campaign by stating "You Make the Difference." The interviewees' time at OHIO ranges from joining just last year to having been a part of the University Community for more than 25 years. Although their roles at the University differ, they shared a common assessment: OHIO and Athens are great places to work and live.

"I've lived in a lot of different places and I've never felt the same sense of community that I have here in Athens," School of Communication Studies Associate Professor Laura Black says in the video.

The 6-minute production captures the essence of the Athens area through video clips and images of such notable spots as the Athens Farmers Market and the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway, and events like the Concerts Under the Elms and the International Street Fair.

"People really have a very good sense of the importance of reaching out to other cultures, other languages, people from other places. I think that's a part of Athens that I really appreciate," Division of Communication Sciences and Disorders Associate Professor Chao-Yang Lee explained during his interview.

Just as the Ohio University campus and the city of Athens are woven together geographically, so are the images used in the video to offer a glimpse of life in the community. University sporting events, performing arts shows and the natural beauty of the Athens campus give potential employees an idea of the setting and style of OHIO.

"This will be an important recruitment tool going forward to attract faculty and staff to OHIO," Suzanne Durst, assistant director of employment and recruitment, said. "UHR is very excited about releasing this video."

Durst says UHR plans to partner with the University's regional campuses to discuss similar recruitment videos, showcasing their individual atmospheres and attractions.


University Human Resources would like to thank the participation of the OHIO employees who were interviewed for "OHIO and Athens: A Welcoming Community."

Travis Gatling

Annie Laurie Cadmus

Chao-Yang Lee

Char Kopchick

John Kopchick

Wendy Merb-Brown

Janet Duerr

Geoff Buckley

Laura Black

Stephanie Sanders

A special thanks also goes to Andie Walla, assistant video producer for UCM, for her work producing the video.