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Nigerian Independence Day celebration is Saturday

On Oct. 1, 1960, Nigeria gained its independence from the United Kingdom. Now 53 years later, Ohio University students are bringing the celebration to Athens.  

On Oct. 5, the Association of Nigerians (AON) at Ohio University will be hosting a free celebration of Nigerian Independence Day that is open to the public.

AON President Dumebi Okonji said the celebration is simply "A taste of our tradition and our culture, that's all it is—we're so proud to be Nigerians."

That pride radiated from Okonji's cheeks as she rattled off the event program, which will include a fashion show, African dancing, and "Nigerian 101," a series of skits that will give participants a glimpse into the everyday lives of Nigerian homes.

Not only will attendees be given a sample of the lives of Nigerians, they will be given samples from their kitchens as well.

Members of AON and their mothers will be making a variety of traditional Nigerian foods, including pounded yams, plantains, and a fried, sweet bread called puff puff.

The event will begin Saturday at 6 p.m. in the Ping Center lounge. AON asks that guests wear dressy casual apparel. Dinner will be served around 7:15 p.m.