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#SustainableOU: Game day pledge

As Bobcats prepare to take on the Miami University Redhawks on Oct. 26, student tailgaters should be on the lookout for a giant globe "rolling" around launching the Call to Sustain Campaign.

Office of Sustainability Graduate Assistants, Bradford Grant and Terese Phinney, are taking the lead on the project.

Grant describes Call to Sustain as "a campus-wide effort aimed at developing sustainable behavior in students."

At the tailgate, students will select various pledges meant to encourage sustainable behaviors.

For example, a food waste reduction pledge involves composting leftovers and eating all food proportions selected at meals to divert landfill waste.

Participants are invited to "pledge" any sustainable behavior of their choice, such as selecting alternative transportation options or choosing to line dry their laundry. Though, since the Oct. 26 student tailgate will be a Zero Waste Event, Call to Sustain will be focusing on waste reduction efforts such as composting and recycling.  

Once a student selects a pledge, he or she will be photographed with the giant globe and a pledge sign. This photo will be added to the Office of Sustainability's Facebook.

"By taking a pledge to sustain, students are able to bridge the gap between sustainability literacy and sustainable action," Grant said.

Phinney says she hopes the giant globe will help their message "break through the noise" of the heavy content competing for student attention and action via flyers, email and social media.

However, the tailgate and the giant globe are just the start of the Call to Sustain Campaign. Phinney predicts that Call to Sustain will succeed in helping students recognize and act on the opportunity for Ohio University to make a difference to better the community and environment.

"Right now, not many people on campus know what sustainability is. The overall purpose of this campaign is to get the word out that sustainability is as easy as changing small things in your everyday life such as thinking an extra second about which container you should throw your used plastic bottle in," Phinney said.

The pledges made at the Oct. 26 student tailgate have the potential to lay a foundation of sustainability expectations for a Bobcat community.

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