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Phase III of COMP 2014 aims to identify job commonalities, group positions in “job families”

The University Human Resources team tasked with reviewing and revising Ohio University's compensation structure is on track to complete the Compensation (COMP) 2014 project by the December 1, 2014 deadline.

As part of Phase III, the UHR Compensation Team is now performing assessments designed to analyze the data collected through employee job questionnaires in 2012. The COMP 2014 project originated after a Department of Education audit identified some specific items the University was required to remediate. The scope of the COMP 2014 project includes:

  • Establish consistent job classification systems for the administrative and professional employees and the non-bargaining classified employees

  • Create market-based pay range structures and guidelines to ensure that pay is competitive in the market

  • Ensure that the compensation plans are fair and equitable in their design and implementation

  • Provide career path direction for employees in these pay systems

The goal of Phase III of the project is to review each individual position included in the project, identify commonalities with other like jobs and define a subset of common jobs. From there, team members (along with the project's compensation consultant for this step) will group positions into common job families (for example "Information Technology") and within those families, categorize market comparable jobs (for example "Network Administrator" within the "Information Technology" family).

This process will take place over the next 12 weeks and will include several all-day sessions with leaders from these job families and COMP 2014 steering committee representatives. The group will use industry-accepted position descriptors to develop standard job descriptions.

Once Phase III is complete, the work will yield a compensation structure that will become the foundation to begin a market analysis of the respective salaries as part of Phase IV. Team members will compare salaries with those surveyed from comparable positions at peer higher education institutions.

"Positions may shift grades as we develop and transition to the new structure," Senior Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration Deborah Shaffer said in a message to the University community. "However, employee pay will not be reduced as a result of this effort. That commitment was made to our employees at the inception of this project and it has not changed."

For more information about the COMP 2014 project, visit http://www.ohio.edu/hr/compensation/comp2014 and read Compass for upcoming project progress reports.